1936 |   Vokes Limited

Incorporated as Vokes Limited.

1937 |   Vokes Australia Pty Ltd

Incorporated as Vokes Australia Pty Ltd.

1952 |   Manufacturing Plant

Vokes Australia open up filter manufacturing plant.

1956 |   Streamline & Metal Filtration

Aquire Streamline & diverse Metal Filtration

1957 |   JE Hangar & Co. + Vessa Ltd

Aquire JE Hangar & Co. + Vessa Ltd.

1958 |   Robert Kellie, Son of Dundee & Ray Heet

Aquire Robert Kellie, Son of Dundee & Ray Heet process plant.

1959 |   Vokes Limited

Vokes Limited register Australian Trade Mark with Victoria office.

1960 |   Vokes Group

Vokes Limited changes name to Vokes Group.

1961 |   Vokes outbid

Vokes was outbid for Sterling Industries Limited. Vokes employs 1,250.

1962 |   Vokes Australia at Rockdale, Sydney

Vokes Australia purchases land at Rockdale, Sydney and builds a filter manufacturing factory.

1968 |   Vokes Vee Glass

Vokes Register the ‘Vokes Vee Glass’.

1969 |   Vokes merges with BDO

Vokes Australia Pty Ltd is owned by Brecknell Dolman and Rogers (BDO) & Vokes Group.

1971 |   Vokes Trade Mark

First Register Vokes Trade Mark 250505.

1972 |   Thomas Tiling

Thomas Tiling acquires Vokes Australia Pty Ltd.

1974 |   DCEVOKES Pty Ltd

Thomas Tiling consolidate Australian and New Zealand entities of Vokes and DCE to Sydney closing Melbourne and the new group was called DCEVOKES Pty Ltd.

1983 |   Univee Trademarks

Univee trademark numbers first registered.

–       387080

–       387081

–       387082

1986 |   Unipak trademarks

Unipak trademarks 387077, 78 and 79 first registered.

1987 |   DCE Group Limited

Company named DCE Group Limited.

1993 |   Vokes Registration Removed

Vokes Registration 152415 Removed.

1998 |   BTR Holdings & Email Airhandling Pty Ltd

BTR assign IP worldwide to BTR Holdings IP 216896 is amended.

BTR acquire Email Airhandling Pty Ltd from Email Westinghouse and merge with existing Australian entity and call the merged group BTR Environmental Pty Ltd.

1999 |   BTR sells DCE

BTR sells DCE to Donaldson Inc. and assigns appropriate IP worldwide. DCE Limited subsidiary of Donaldson UK Holdings Ltd.

2000 |   Start of AES Environmental

Invensys proposed sale to Filters Australia and IP schedule prepared by Minter Ellison includes Vokes trademark numbers 216896, 250505 and 152414. Sale to filters Australia collapses and management buyout commences with Brian Young. BTRE share sale purchase and business owned 100% by Bardy Group which was the start of AES Environmental.

2001 |   AESE

Australian IP renamed from BTRE to AESE as required within the agreement.

Unipak Australian Trademarks 387077, 78 and 79 not maintained and become obsolete.

2005 |   Laminar Air Flow Pty Ltd

Univee subsequent owners advert registration marks 387080, 1 & 2 IP Australia. All Clyde-Apac and AES Environmental IP assigned into entity with Laminar Air Flow Pty Ltd.

2014 |   Vokes Limited

Laminar Flow defends action against Vokes Limited.

2017 |   A new look

AES Environmental today is closely held by the Young family, who have retained an active participation in the company for more than thirty-four years apart from a short period between March 1998 to December 2001, when it was acquired from Downer EDI. The company updated their brand identity with a new logo which was produced by the passionate team members.