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  • Contained Storage Ventilation (CSV) Cabinet

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    Contained Storage Ventilation (CSV) Cabinet

    Clyde-Apac CSV safe storage cabinets are designed to contain laboratory chemical fumes (including formalin) and other odours given off by specimen jars and bottles during storage.

    CSV cabinets are manufactured in a variety of configurations including self contained units fitted with optional HEPA, carbon filters and ducted models that are designed to be connected to building services.

    The cabinets are manufactured in Australia and are available with a nominal width of 90cm or 150cm. Each cabinet is factory-tested to ensure compliance with relevant Australian standards.

  • Fume Cupboard

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    Fume Cupboard

    Fume cupboards provide safe working conditions for operator and other personnel through means of capturing, diluting and exhausting fumes and noxious gasses from the work zone. Various sizes and accessories are available to suit specific applications.